Oil Painting On Canvas

Traditional oil painting you can re-prints as you wish. Realistic paintings in oil on canvas -- Hand painted landscapes and flowers.

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Oil paints on a canvas
Jug, bread and coffee
Painting flowers
Cathedral of Nevsky, Russia
Bouquet of garden flowers in a c
Dahlias in a white jug
Bouquet in a crystal vase
Mountain lake
Mountain lake
Footpath in wood
Glass vase with wild flowers
Camomiles in a white glass 1
Painted flowers
Apples and juice
Peach, grapes, juice
Lilac in a white porcelain jug
Birches on coast, autumn
Dahlias in a clay jug
Dahlias in a clay pot
Bouquet of lily
Peonies in a glass vase
Flowers in a jug
Asters in a clay amphora
Apples and nuts on a red
Jasmine in a white vase
Painting Autumn wood
Painting Autumn lake
Bouquet of asters in a clay vase
Bouquet of asters
Camomiles and lilies
Roses in a white pot
Early spring
Camomiles in a clay pot
Camomiles in a white glass
Flowers in a jug
Multi-coloured oil paints
funny houses painting
painted art abstract
Newborn Twin Calves
autumn landscape
autumn landscape
abstract painting style background
Elegance woman
Summer landscapes
Lying woman
Colours backgrounds