Making Cocktail

Making drinks, pouring liquid into a shaker, adding ingredients to prepare alcoholic cocktails.

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refreshing cocktail
Cocktail Frog
Mojito Cocktail
Tequila sunrise Cocktail
Strawberry margarita Cocktail
Classic margarita cocktail
mojito cocktail
Cocktail Bitter Negroni
Cocktail columbo
Cocktail Bunueloni
Shaker set blue
Mini Bar
Pour into a mixer
Red soda splash
Pour liquid layer
Shaker filled with ice cubes
Pour gree liquid
Pour gree liquid
Pour orange liquid
Pour blue liquid
Toddies Slingshot cocktail
Nine Mine cocktail
Nine Mine cocktail
Beach at Night cocktail
Golden cadillac cocktail
Prince of Wales cocktail
Jean Gabin cocktail
Coco Cobbler
Sloe Gin Fizz
Morning Glory Fizz
Chicago Fizz
Brazilian Sunrise
Apple Sunrise cocktail
Martini cocktail
Sex on the Beach cocktail
Cocktail with crushed ice
Gin with orange juice
French Colada cocktail
Colada cocktail
Berries and peppermint cocktail
Rose petals
Pineapple in a cocktail
Caesar cocktail
Salted cesar
strawberry cocktail
Shaker set
stainless azero shaker
Peppermint liqueur