Piazza Venezia detail
Church of Saint Yves at La Sapienza
San Pietro in Montorio
walking over Brooklyn Bridge
Esch-sur-Sure at summer time
looking out central station of Berlin
Esch sur Sure with castle ruin
aerial view of Esch-sur-Sure
Forum Romanum with Temple of Saturn
Orvieto Cathedral
at Brooklyn Bridge
Esch sur Sure with castle ruin
Forum Romanum
city view of Esch sur Sure
castle ruin near Esch-sur-Sure
detail of Daimler-Chrysler building
idyllic canal scenery in Colmar
Near triumphal arch of septimus severus
at Brooklyn Bridge in New York
Esch-sur-Sure and bridge in Luxembourg
Forum Romanum aerial shot
Colonnades at Saint Peters Square
Casa Mil
Punta del diablo beach
Punta del diablo beach