One Change Leads to Another Connected Changes Words
Connected Words Signs Around Sphere Connections
Cell Phone Contract Agreement Commitment Legally Bound
Many Steps How-To Instructions Connected Words Diagram
Strategy MIssion Planning Direction Vision Signs on Sphere
Supply Chain Words Links Connected Supplier Management
Break-Up Broken Links Chain Separation Divorce
Vision Strategy Gears People Rise to Achieve Success
Business Travel Words Briefcases Around World
Feedback Bullhorns Megaphones Spreading Opinions Comments
Follow Your Dreams to New Heights People Climbing Gears
Strength in Numbers Chain Links Power Potential
Synergy Partners Working Together in Teamwork for Success
Thinker Thought Clouds Many Roles Husband Father Worker
Time to be a team Clock
Computer 06
Computer 09
Computer keyboard
Computer 08
Computer 07
Computer 03
Computer 10
Computer 04
Computer 01
Computer 11