Child scratching his head for an answer
Librarian holding pile of books
Funny young business man
Funny guy with books
Funny woman in big glasses with book
People with poor vision
Frightened look
Quizzical school student in comical spectacles and a confused expression
Tousled man
Eyes of surprised person in old spectacles
Funny man
Cross eyed person
Person in old bad spectacles with poor eyesight
Amusing sandwich in spectacles isolated on a white background
Jolly clever sandwich with glasses
Cool guy in white suit
Young man with pile of books in hands
Schoolteacher textbooks
Man in dark glasses holding a books
Blind man holding stack of books
Man with big stack of books against sky
Man in a medical mask and with pig ears
Very surprised man in a suit, isolated on white
Self satisfied person
Furious young man breaks hammer computer