The watchtower of the medieval castle of Methoni, southern Greece
Watchtower of the castle at Methoni
ancient watchtower
Watchtower and tree in Skopje
Ancient watchtower in Prilep
Watchtower in Skopje at night
Watchtower and a tree in Skopje, Macedonia
Watchtower and tree at night
Valletta Ramparts Watchtower
Desert View Watchtower
Malta Watchtower Rising from the Bush
Grand Canyon Desert View Watchtower
watchtower ruin at Vijayanagara
Prison watchtower
watchtower at Vijayanagara
Grand Canyon Watchtower
Watchtower Ipatiev Monastery
watchtower on the beach
The thrown watchtower in a wood
Watchtower - Details of the Desert View Watchtower at the Grand Canyon
The ancient ruins of the watchtower of Lanuvio - Rome - Italy