Ski Piste
Off-piste slope and ropeway against blue sky
Off-piste and groomed slope with trace from ski and snowboards
Trace of avalanche
Skier on off-piste slope
Off-piste slope with traces of skis
Sliding down the piste
Alpine skiing piste
Piste and lift
Empty piste
Off piste slope
Skiers on ski piste
Off piste slope
View on snowy off piste slope with trace from ski and snowboards
Off piste slope with traces of skis, snowboarding and avalanche
Snowboarder downhill on off piste slope with newly-fallen snow
View on off piste ski slope
Off-piste slope
Trace from ski and snowboards on off-piste slope
Off piste snowy slope
Off piste slope
Off-piste slope
Top view on off-piste slope
Ski off piste slope
View on off-piste slope