Cheque Issue Machine
Business team issue
Stamp printed in Australia from the quotational Stamp Week issue shows postbox
Stamp printed in Canada from the
IPO Word Cloud Concept in red & black
old barrels
Challenge One Step Closer to Success Barricade
Crisis Thermometer Meltdown Mess Trouble Emergency Words
Sad man
Sad man
Get Over It Words Arrow Overcome Obstacle
How to Handle Problem Identify Assess Execute Verify
Problem Solved Words Chalkboard Solution
HUNGARY - CIRCA 1969 A stamp showas 1st Man on the Moon
HUNGARY - CIRCA 1969 A stamp shows 1st Man on the Moon
Solution Word Thinker Thought Bubble Problem Solved
Stuck Word Question Mark Background Caught Problem
Trouble Word on Construction Barrier Barricade
moon landing
Bond, ten roubles, USSR, 1951
Bond, ten roubles, USSR, 1954
Stamp printed in Hungary shows Santa Maria