cathedral marble frieze, monza
Khmer Battle frieze, Angkor Wat
mullions of san gottardo in corte, milan
Ancient Egyptian Army, Kadesh
cathedral portal, todi
Ancient carving of monkeys, Cambodia
Ancient Khmer cooking scene
Ancient Khmer religious parade frieze
Ancient Khmer chess game
Queen Mother Memorial Frieze
ancient wind god
Mayan frieze
Buddha Frieze, Hyderabad
Warrior Buddha on Horseback Frieze
Detail of neo-classical building with olympic frieze
Roman Sacrifice frieze
A monkey soldier attacking
Stick Fighting Frieze, Cambodia
Musical Cherub Frieze
Frieze at Belmont Park
Frieze from Victor Emmanuel II Monument, Venice
Architectural frieze with egypt statue
frieze of toth
Doulton Pottery Frieze, Lambeth
Roman battle frieze