Basingstoke Town Centre
Triumphal Gates, Basingstoke
Flumes, Basingstoke Aquadrome
Basingstoke Aquadrome
City Link Basingstoke Depot
Basingstoke Museum and Marketplace
Axa Wealth offices, Basingstoke
Olympic Flame in Basingstoke
Pamber Priory, Basingstoke
Basingstoke skyline, springtime
Flooded Front door, Basingstoke
Flooded road, Basingstoke
Road with floodwater, Basingstoke
Road closed by flooding, Basingstoke
Sandbags and flood waters, Basingstoke
Community Centre in Floods, Basingstoke
Milestones Museum, Basingstoke
Odeon Multiplex Cinema, Basingstoke
Gala Bingo, Basingstoke
Basingstoke Common with Snow
Basingstoke Canal with Snow
Railway Station, Basingstoke, Hampshire
Basingstoke Festival Place and Offices, Hampshire
Historic Almshouses, Basingstoke, Hampshire