Smiling person offers a choice. Lot or few money.
Eyes of surprised person in old spectacles
Toy wooden person was put out from hole
Scared person hiding in hole
Wooden person tries to climb in hole on white
Face and paper
skeleton uses Internet
Strabismus - eye closeup
Amusing portrait of artful man with spectacles close up
Amusing scared person in mask - skull
Comical person intends to break computer with hammer
Confused person, isolated on white background
person in a gas mask
Self satisfied person
Person bears idea, isolated on white background
Person repairs laptop as is able
Person in mask of death and red wig
Person mortally poisoned with poisonous drink - coffee or tea
Terrifying person in skeleton mask stolen
Cross eyed person
Person is going to break computer
Woman threatens with pistol to person - skeleton
Person in old bad spectacles with poor eyesight
Person reading a newspaper
Person comfortable sleeps on sofa having got drunk beer