Path in the Field
Electric Poles in Perspective - Country
Small Pine Tree
old lantern on garage wall
Perennial Cornflower
Fence in the field
Mountain Goat with kids
Bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) - Montana
Grinnell Glacier Melting
Bighorn Sheep at Grinnell Lake
Glacial Meltwater from Grinnell Glacier
Grinnell Lake Glacier National Park
Newborn Calf Montana Ranch Unaided Birth Cattle Ranch
Red Canoe Fresh Snow Lake McDonald Glacier National Park Montana
Avalanche Creek Waterfall Montana
Hidden Lake Overlook
Lake McDonald in Glacier Montana
Lake McDonald Montana Usa
Two Medicine Lake
Flathead National Forest - Montana
Going To The Sun Road - Montana
White wall with Clematis montana in spring
Avalanche Lake of Montana
Flathead River Rapids Montana