Romantic background
Spice Sampler
Fresh garlic
Jerusalem artichokes cut with knife and bucket on board
Ginger fresh and dried on sacking
Withered Roses Vintage Still Life
Frame of wild flowers on sacking
Chips in bowl with potatoes on sacking and board
Oat flakes in spoon on sacking
Animal skull on sacking background
Potatoes yellow with flower on sacking
ITN reporting on Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson media coverage
Frame of funchoza and tomatoes with paper on sacking
Spikelets on sacking
Frame of Raw Vegetables
Buckwheat with champignons in clay bowl on sacking
Pie pumpkin in glass pan on dark board
Various bread
Flour and bran oat in spoon with grains on board
Flour and bran oat with cookies on board
Empty ladle
Metal ladle with eggs
open old book on a rough brown sacking