Logo-Type Purposes Image License


A 'Logo-Type Purposes Image License' grants you non-exclusive rights to reproduce the Image for logo-type purposes (creating a new work which is based on the image) and use it in materials to create a corporate identity (corporate documents, business cards, etc.).

The image cannot be copyrighted or trademarked by anyone but the creator.

This option is for a business that has less than $500,000 of yearly revenue only or if the image isn't be used to generate revenue. Please contact us for a quote if you desire an exclusive license, are planning to trademark your logo, or your business size is not qualified.

Grant Of License:

License Pricing:

The license fee is $50.
If you wish to purchase the exclusive use of the image(s) so no one else can use it, please contact us.

License Restrictions:


Refund Policy:

Under normal conditions license payments are not refunded.
The reason for this policy is because we offer instant and full access to the digital images you purchased.
There is no way for our products to be returned.
FeaturePics will consider exceptions to this rule if purchased digital image(s) are corrupted.
FeaturePics reserves the right to attempt to redownload the images to the buyer's satisfaction.