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New thumbnails

Posted 5/12/16

Our new thumbnails (reduced-size versions of pictures) with new watermarks are on the way.

As soon as the new display images are prepared they replace the old thumbnail images, so improvement is continuous.


Dinosaurs group: Green cartoon dinosaur lies drunk or overeat against blue background
Credits: Illustration by Olesha

Housefly huge compound eyes

Posted 5/12/16

House fly has red compound eyes. Each eye contains 4000 lenses that enable visualization of different pictures at the same time. Despite huge number of lenses, house fly has poor eyesight.

Facts from softschools

Scared facts from the same source above:

House flies have incredible high reproductive capacity. Without natural predators, one couple of flies and their offspring would be able to cover all continents on Earth to the height of 18 feet after couple of months of reproduction.

But, house fly eyes macro shot has only to show the beauty and complexity of some of beautiful specimens in the insect world

A close look at housefly