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Please be kind enough to let me know where and how you use my photos. Thank you.

I live, work, and play in Lexington Kentucky with my Wife Cheryl and dog Shelby. Cheryl is my "Director of Inspiration and Motivation". She gives me the encouragement that I need to keep doing this photography thing. I continually thank her for being so patient while I hide my face behind my camera or stare at the computer screen editing images.

I've been shooting on and off for 35 years starting out on the high school yearbook staff using a 35mm range finder camera handed down to me from my brother. I cannot thank him enough for that first "SERIOUS" camera. Before that it was all Brownies and Hawkeyes.

Over the years I've progressed through various 35mm cameras ranging from Praktika to Minolta to Nikon. I even owned a medium format Mamiya for a few years. I've now become involved in the digital world. I feel that digital allows for more spontinaity and creativity. It has opened up a whole new vision for me. I shoot almost exclusively digital now, although I still have my film stuff.