Logo-Type Purposes Image License

A 'Logo-Type Purposes Image License' grants you non-exclusive rights to reproduce the Image for logo-type purposes (creating a new work which is based on the image) and use it in materials to create a corporate identity (corporate documents, business cards, etc.)

This option is for a business that has less than $500,000 of yearly revenue.

To purchase image license for corporate identity purposes

  1. Please, find an image you like at FeaturePics.com
  2. Click the "Special Licenses" button 
  3. You will be redirected to the screen where you can select the "Logo-Type Purposes" license and proceed with purchase and downloading.

Flat license fee is $50

 Note 1:
Please contact us for a quote if you desire an exclusive license, are planning to trademark your logo, or your business size is not qualified for this license type.

 Note 2:
The Logo-Type Purposes Image License is the appropriate license for an image to be the basis for a logo for a not for profit organization, regardless of size.

 Note 3:
This license provides the highest size image available (original size image) and also the vector option (if it exists) will be available for downloading when this license is purchased.