Royalty-Free Business Extension, Commercial Goods

'Royalty Free Image License, Business Extension' grants you non-exclusive rights to reproduce the Image for personal and commercial use including, but not limited to:

  • To produce goods for sale such as apparel, caps, mugs, gift boxes, mouse pads, post cards, posters, calendars, or any similar mass produced items.
  • To produce goods for promotional use.

License Pricing
You will be asked a number of commercially related questions. The answers will be used to calculate the final Image License Price.
  • Number of Items - number of goods you are going to manufacture using the image.
  • Item Price - the price for which you are going to sell each Item.
  • Business size - approximate business annual revenue for the business that will be using the image.

Why we ask these questions? We have created these lower priced licenses to help our low volume small businesses.
The questions are to help establish a fair price based on policies acceptable to our image providers.
There is a difference if you want to manufacture 100 T-shirts or 10000 of them.

Prices starts at $15.

To purchase an image license for your commercial goods

  1. Please, find an image you like at
  2. Click the "Special Licenses" button 
  3. You will be redirected to the screen where you can select your parameters under the "Royalty-Free Business Extension, Commercial Goods" paragraph, calculate your price, and proceed with purchase and downloading.

 Note 1:
You can purchase a simple Royalty Free Image License if you are using the imag(s) for your own non-commercial personal use;

 Note 2:
You can purchase a simple Royalty Free Image License if you are using the image(s) for fundraising for schools or other not for profit organizations;

 Note 3:
This license provides the highest size image available (original size image) and also the vector option (if it exists) will be available for downloading when this license is purchased.