Royalty-Free Business Extension, Commercial Goods

Number of Items - number of goods you are going to manufacture with using the image.
Item Price - the price for which you are going to sell each item.
Business size - approximate business annual revenue for the business that will be using the image.
The Licensee may use the Image for his/her own projects for 1 (one) year on merchandise sitess.

Royalty-Free Business Extension, Editorial and Commercial Publications


Royalty-Free Business Extension, Start-Up Application Developer License

This image license is for for mobile, tablet and desktop software developers.
This option is for start-up developers making software whose business gross is less than $300,000 yearly revenue.
The Maximum Image Size is 1000px.
Please check out Royalty-Free Business Extension, Editorial and Commercial Publications ("Software/Mobile" option) if your business size does not qualify.

Flat Fee: $10.00

Logo-Type Purposes

This option is for a business that has less than $500,000 of yearly revenue only. Please contact us for a quote if you desire an exclusive license, are planning to trademark your logo, or your business size is not qualified.

Flat Fee:$50.00

Royalty-Free Enterprise Edition, Editorial and Commercial Publications.

Multiple seats and multiple print, electronic, and broadcast projects with no print run or seat restrictions.

Flat fee: $200.00
Special flat fee: $95.00 for Partners with a signed agreement.

If your particular use is not listed here, please contact our customer support department and we'll be happy to provide you with a quote.