"Download Against Purchase Order" payment option

Your business needs licensed images in the regular course of doing business. Images are one of the raw materials that make up your product or service and you need them month after month. FeaturePics has developed the "Download Against Purchase Order" payment option to facilitate this type of relationship. Of course, we can only offer this arrangement to established businesses with excellent credit.

The way this works is you download the images on an "as needed" basis, and pay on either a bi-weekly or a monthly basis. Payment can be by check or by PayPal, or could even be by credit card.

Whenever images are downloaded they are charged against the Purchase Order. At the end of the period a summary Invoice will be sent by email.

The Download against Purchase Order payment option is convenient and efficient for you and it is good for us because you become a regular repeat customer.

Please contact us to receive more information about this option.