Facts you should know if you are a first time image buyer on FeaturePics

Note: Please contact us by EMAIL if you still have questions after reading the following answers.

1. Select Appropriate Image License:

If you are planning to post images on your blog, use them for web-design, print them for your own use, or include them into your email marketing letter - you want to buy an image under Royalty-Free Image License.

A Royalty-Free License grants you non-exclusive rights to reproduce the image for personal, advertising, editorial, and commercial use - such as, but not limited to:
wallpaper, screensavers, CD or DVD covers, email marketing, text books, newspaper publications, brochures, post mail etc, under specific limitations in circulation.

To use an image for specific commercial use that is not covered by the Royalty-Free Image License,
(for example, you want to publish an image in a newspaper with circulation exceeding 100,000 copies, or you want to print an image on T-Shirts and resell these T-shirts):
Featurepics offers Royalty-Free Business Extensions

1.1 To purchase a Royalty-Free Image License:

hot to buy image at FeaturePics - License
Credits: Illustration by Olesha

1.2 To purchase a Royalty-Free Business Extension License:

2. Image Size and Price Options:

Featurepics offers original size images and smaller sizes:

2182 x 3000 (6.5MP) - this size note means: 2182px wide and 3000 pixels high.
6.5MP - 6.5 Megapixels (this is the result of multiplying 2182 by 3000)

For web site or blogs you may choose to buy a smaller sized image.

Shown below, are prices for an image based on the size.
2182 x 3000 (6.5MP) - $5.00
2618 x 3600 (9.4MP) - $6.00

The first price option is disabled. It will be available if you purchase one of our volume download plans .
You will see 50% discount prices under "Savings Plans". Again, they will be available if you purchase our credits.

hot to buy image at FeaturePics - Select size
Credits:Illustration by Olesha

If you are planning to buy more than 2 or 3 images - you should check our great plans that can save you a lot of money.

Example: If you need images for your blog - you can purchase 20 images for $20 dollars (1000px max size), 30 images for $24, 50 images for $35.

If you need larger size images but still want to save money - please consider our "Credits" plan. When you purchase 30 credits ($30) - a 50% discount will be offered.

With our Simple Download Plan you may purchase any standard image of the specified size in the plan (800px or 1000px). This plan is created for users which like to buy smaller images for web publishing.
If you select the "80 cents per image" plan and purchase 30 downloads for $24 - you will be able to download 30 Standard images of 800px size at your convenience without a time frame restriction.

"Credits" are a form of significant discounts that are offered in exchange for buying a bundle of images in advance. We are pricing our images based on the image size. Pricing example: 2000 x 1500 (3MP) images are $4 and only $2 are charged against your credits (2 Credits).

4. Compare our Savings Plans

Plan Usage
Individual purchase Excellent if you need 1 to 3 images
Credits Excellent if you need more than 5 high resolution images.
800px max size - 80 cents per image Excellent for blogs. 30 images minimum.
1000px max size - $1 per image Excellent for websites, powerpoint presentations. 20 images minimum.

5. Wishbox

After you have selected an image, you will click on "My Cart", and be taken to your Cart, where you will be given the option to either:

You can keep selected images in the Cart for 30 days, and purchase them at any time during this period. After 30 days the wishbox is cleared.
We keep your billing address, so you don't need to fill out it every time that you purchase image(s).

You can login/register any time (Actually, registration is extremely easy on our system - we will ask you only to provide your email to send purchase confirmations.).

If you have selected images without being registered, and then decide to login or create an account with us - all your selected images will be moved to your new created account.

6. Vector format

Vector format images can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. To open vector format files you need to have programs such as Illustrator.

7. Refund Policy

Under normal conditions license payments are not refunded.
The reason for this policy is because we offer instant and full access to the digital images you purchased.
There is no way for our products to be returned.
FeaturePics will consider exceptions to this rule if purchased digital image(s) are corrupted.
FeaturePics reserves the right to attempt to redownload the images to the buyer's satisfaction.

FeaturePics sells Image Licenses for the price quoted. No hidden fees.