NickName: Mshake
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Welcome to my gallery. I hope you can find the photo your looking for here.

I have always enjoyed photography but my interest really became intense when the digital age started. I became fascinated with the complete control I now had over the entire process and began to learn and improve my skills. I found stock photography on the Internet and quickly joined in on the fun. I have been shooting for stock photos since late October of 2004. I have found it to be very rewarding and it has helped me improve my photographic skills a great deal. I have sold many thousands of photos and they are being used for all sorts of projects from websites to brochures to personal prints for someones wall in there home.

Most photos prior to 2007 where shot with a Nikon D70. I now use a Nikon D200 with a Nikon 18-70mm lens along with a 90mm Tamron macro lens and a Sigma 80-400mm telephoto lens. I have Kenko extension tubes and various filters as well. For indoor photos I have a Nikon SB-800 external flash unit and a strobe light and soft box kit.

I use Photoshop CS2 to process all my photos one at a time.

I shoot many topics but I specialize in several categories, real estate, waterfalls, and automobiles. Those three categories make up the bulk of my stock library.

I especially enjoy the waterfall photography. I only get to do it once or twice a year on special trips I organize to see waterfalls across the United States. I have seen several hundred of them now with more planned soon. Its very rewarding to me to hike into the woods , sometimes several miles, to find a waterfall. Often times my wife and I are the only ones at the waterfall and its a fantastic experience to see something so beautiful right before your eyes. To me nothing is more relaxing and no place in nature is more perfect then at a waterfall. I hope you take a look at some of my waterfall photos and perhaps find one that you might like to hang on your own wall.

Thanks for reading.

Michael Shake