NickName: Kapai
Member since: 7/6/2006
Number of Images: 1781
I have been involved in photography for 40 years. I started out with a Box Brownie as a child. As a teenager I upgraded to an older style Olympus. That was replaced by an Olympus OM-1 which I still have in use. My present cameras are an Olympus C8080-WZ digital, Olympus E-3 and an Olympus Evolt 330
I photograph a wide range of subjects but spent a year specializing in roses. This was done to improve my photographic & editing ability. Techniques I have learnt from this have now been incorporated into other subjects.
I live in New Zealand & all my photographs are taken in this country

The introduction of the digital camera has enabled me to experiment & develop my technique. Something that I was unable to really do with film because of developing costs.

I see photography as an art form that can convey beauty and/or emotion to the viewer as well as providing a documentary of life