NickName: Focalpoint
Member since: 6/9/2006
Number of Images: 85
As a professional graphics artist and author, I find that photography has become a natural extention of the world as I see it. Imbedded all around us are incredible details; the sunplay through the trees, a spider clinging to a twig, monstrous cats and small rodents...all contribute to the intense, intertwined network of this world we live in.

I have placed a special emphasis in my photography on endangered species, so as to increase awareness of the status of these animals, as well as to demonstrate the beauty this world will lose should they become extinct.

Using the Canon 20D with various lenses and lighting techniques, I have tried to capture the moment as it occurs, and as I see it. Depending upon the needs of the moment (i.e. portraiture work v. outdoors photography), I have a "traveling studio" which includes several backgrounds as well as light standards, bulbs, filters, and other paraphernalia to find the best in myself as well as my client or subject.

As my passion for photography grows, so does my respect, awe and wonder of this world and it's inhabitants (in all forms - from human to ants) in equal measure. I hope some of what I find inspiring translates through my work in photography.