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Talking about yourself is never really that hard, untill you have to write it down.

Let me see. Stock photography came about for me as more of a bi product of my first great love, travel. I left my childhood home over eighteen years ago and went backpacking around the world.

I grew up on the island of Jersey, an island only 45 square miles, and from a young age realized the world was a much bigger place than my little island. Growing up in Jersey there were only three television channels but two great shows every week that I guessed really had a major influence on my future, the BBC show 'Wildlife on one' presented and narated by David Attenborough, and the ITV show 'Wickers World' possibly one of the first true travel shows presented by Alan Wicker, another resident of the island of Jersey.

When I was younger very few people from Jersey ever travelled farther than France or England but Inspired by the TV I wanted to see the farthest most remote places the planet had to offer and not just for two weeks a summer during a vacation from a 9-5 job.

I wanted to record my travels and set out with a Canon AE1 shooting everything I saw along the way and now my lust for travel hasn't faded in the least even though my cameras are much more advanced.

Now I shoot with a Canon EOS 1DS and a variety of Canon Lenses. The digital era has bought photography to a whole new plateau where the lack of a need for film and processing has drastically reduced the turn around time from taking a picture to seeing the final image on display.

Stock photography was always the most likley avenue for me allowing me to continue my travel lifestyle with a stream of revenue generated from my past adventures allowing further adventures.

My photographs have been sold and used all over the world in all types of medias and nowdays I am spending as much time shooting assingments as I am my own stock. My subject range is almost unlimited with the broadest areas being travel, scenics, landscapes, wildlife, nature, lifestyle and still lifes.

I hope you enjoy looking through my work and thank you for taking the time look through it.

Best wishes, Darren Green.