NickName: creatista
Member since: 7/9/2007
Number of Images: 3457
I'm a professional filmmaker and photographer living near Tucson, Arizona.

I am something of a compulsive shooter...making thousands of images every year. I've been known to shoot over 1,400 images in a day on assignment. Wow! My clicking finger gets tired. :-)

I like to manipulate the images I take, but tend to leave them a little "less arty" when putting them up for stock, figuring that creative directors (I used to be one) know what they're doing and like maximum ability to make their own adjustments. So I don't typically sharpen or filter too much for stock.

I'm fairly ecclectic when it comes to subjects - I've done fine art shows of my work and stuio/location product work. You name it. I suppose I like travel photography and people stuff the best. I have a series of discs for sale in Costa Rica of images from that country.

Who knows. Maybe I'll even take a picture of you. :-)