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I am using Nikon D80 with Sigma 17-70. I am specialize in IT, and I had start to have the passion in photography few year ago, and it's now a part of my life. I think that digital will finally replacing film when the quality is competable.

Well, I personally think that photoshop or any digital post processing is an essential for the digital photography nowadays, as we can't bring our memory card into the traditional dark room, why we refuse the digital dark room? That is the room for us.

I shot the way I like normally, but when I shoot for royalty-free stock photo, I am shooting the way that useful for the client instead of my own interest while I still enjoy the process of shooting.

When I doesn't have the camera with me, I usually frame a shot with my eyes and record it to my brain, whenever i feel it is a very nice scene, I will immediately go home to get my camera to capture the scene. However, the prefect moment won't last long, so it is always better to bring the camera along.

Photographing is not a Job for me. I Enjoy every moment I shooting with my camera and It will be my interest for the rest of my life.