NickName: Clivia
Member since: 3/26/2006
Number of Images: 1093
Since first looking down the lens of my Canon 20d, I see the world quite differently. It has change to a series of pictures and possible crops!
I got into photography because of a need to illustrate gardening articles with pictures of the relevant plants and situations. I used to write extensively for a gardening club magazine, but the photography has gradually taken over.
My work in stock photography finances my more artistic ventures. One day I may unleash them on the world, you have been warned!
I live in Cheshire in the UK, a very beautiful green and lush place to live. I wander around with my camera and tripod, accompanied by my ever faithful (and patient) dog. He is supposed to be my protection in this every more violent world. In fact he is a big wimp who wouldn't say boo to a goose. He has big teeth though, so the deterrent is there.
I have a little business doing portraits of people's pets, mainly dogs and cats with the odd budgerigar and parrot. I prefer them to come to my studio, they tend to behave better on my territory, but sometimes it is nice to get the portraits in their homes. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth the effort, animals don't always cooperate!
I don't have a favorite subject to photograph. So many things can stimulate the imagination and inspire me, to choose a favorite would be an injustice.
I also enjoy graphic art. I use Bryce, Poser, 3dsMax, and Photoshop to make pictures. I like to experiment with new ideas and play with the software. It's amazing what a few hours and a computer can produce.