NickName: Wildflower
Member since: 2/19/2007
Number of Images: 8273
Currently I am using a Nikon D80, Nikon D200 and Nikon CoolPixL110. Each day is a learning experience with these wonderful cameras. Meanwhile, I use Lightroom2.6 and Adobe CS3 to edit my images.

I enjoy capturing scenic moments and family events. I live on the lake, so the view is beautiful from my front porch. Everyday is a different scene. Bald Eagles, boats, sunrises, sunsets, storms, rainbows, are all a part of my everyday world. Living in West Michigan, I love the four seasons. Each season has its beauty, scenic views and colors.

I retired earlier than planned, so this extra time gives me a golden opportunity to pursue my love for life, love and natural beauty. I always have loved the beach and water scenes. Lighthouses have been a special interest.

Now that photography has become a passion, everything I experience in life I see through a camera's lens. Everything has possibilities, beauty and with some kind of interest.

I enjoy taking and sharing my photography so that others may enjoy life with me.

Family photos are priceless to me. Keeping them updated is so important. One day... it may be all that I have left besides my memories...