NickName: hospitalera
Member since: 3/10/2006
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I recently switched to digital (Canon 300d) and now enjoy that I can see my images instantly rather then have to wait for them, that every mistake is mine , rather then having a lab scratching my negatives and, most important of all that I learn much quicker because of the quick "feed back"! The drawback is, for me, the limited dynamic range of digital versus film, big differences in light in the same scene really become an issue. My preferred photo subjects are landscapes, animals, flowers (especially macros) and food. But I still shoot sometimes in black and white, just for pleasure then for stock. I use photo editing programs mainly to make minor adjustments, but being a big fan of fractal art I use my computers to render high res fractal images. I prefer stockphotography instead of assigments because it takes a lot of pressure away, but it also requires a lot of self discipline if you want to be successful. I can render fractals to specifications, so if you want to illustrate a special project, contact me via FP or via my web site where I just started a shiny new forum for fractal stockartists. See you soon, SY