NickName: tilmo
Member since: 3/3/2006
Number of Images: 300
I first became interested in photography some years ago and am predominately self-taught. Since the advent of digital photography I have become enthralled in the whole aspect of digital manipulation and all the possibilities it holds. Now photography for me has become an ever-changing palette of colours and viewpoints.

I have lived in London since I was 2yrs old; the city is therefore my main point of inspiration and interest. London is forever re-inventing itself, changing its feel, it’s skylines and urban face and therefore provides a constant source of visual stimulus and photographic opportunities.

My images span across many different areas and range from the abstract, architectural and close up nature studies. Most of my inspiration comes from looking at the everyday mundane and ordinary things in life and then viewing them from a different perspective or viewpoint and in doing so reveal its extraordinariness. Often I will manipulate the image to amplify its beauty and strength but am careful not to lose its original identity.