NickName: Kiya
Member since: 2/27/2006
Number of Images: 823
A lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, PA. My love for the "still image" developed at a young age and was inspired by the work of my very talented older brother, whose breathtaking images continue to amaze me. Recognizing the advantages of the new digital age, I decided it was time to get my first camera. Set free to shoot as many images as I wanted, and to experiment without limitation, I've been enjoying the art of photography ever since. I love all types of photography, but what I enjoy shooting most are images that capture spirit and emotion. I love portraiture.

Many thanks to FeaturePics, to ZapShot for the 10,000th photo award, and to Gracey for directing many of us to this great site. And Candice, good friend, you are awesome!

The full artistic freedom that FeaturePics allows is a precious gift--one that is no doubt appreciated by contributors and buyers alike.