NickName: filmgirl
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Hi. Thank you for taking an interest in my images.
So many doors are opening for me since I've entered into the world of stock photography. I'm not just learning about my camera, I'm learning about the outdoor world that I've always enjoyed.
My passion is horses...the sight of them, the smell of them, the land their hooves touch, the people & the history they are a part of.
Some of the images you see here were taken with my Canon film cameras. My current equipment consists of my Canon 30D, Canon Macro 100mm, Canon 17-85mm, Canon 50mm, Sigma 70-300, my faithful Manfrotto tripod w/3-way head, battery pac & lots of fast memory.
I hope that you find something about my work that you like...images that stir the dreamer in you.
Thank you for looking.

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of
a man."
-Winston Churchill