NickName: adifor
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My passion for photography has arisen for two reasons. One is the digital revolution, the other, my passion for the outdoors. I have always loved hiking, camping and travel. But I never really recorded my travels as such. Since digital photography came along it gave me a realistic chance to record my journeys.

Since I bought my first digital camera some years ago I have striven to improve my skills, hopefully the results bare fruit. I have become more interested in the photography side of things and have tried to branch out to different subject matter, although my first love will always be travel, nature, landscape.

The post production can be a bind at times, although I strive to improve my skills on this side of things. I probably sit right in the middle of the two camps when it comes to post production, less is more I think.

So I will continue to wander the hills and try and bring the beauty of them to you. I hope you will enjoy them.