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My name is Jarosław Kochanowicz. I was born and still live in Poland. I am a freelance photographer. I would like to present my photos. They are compilation of inspiartions which are the results of fashion world observation and also my experimental ideas. I like to mix conventions and styles, play with colours and composition. I try to create my work without to much subordination to obligatory rules and trends. At this time I use new camera Sony R1. I think that in nearly future will be possible to use digital camera with very good resolution.
I erfort to make really corectness picture directly at the photo sessiiion. To photo manipulation I use Corel not Photoshop. About 4. point...Hmmm. I don't know...In my opinion rather no.
At present time my works I create for my pleasure but I realy hope that my photo will be impresive for people and take me some money :-)). My favorite theme, object are woman and girl with fantasy, stylisation. For me rather nearly are art kinds of works than clearly fashion or glamour. My inspration? From my head..Very hard question for me. Nobody inspired me. Yes I have a dreams...Metropolitan Museum? Ok. Its a joke only. Only one advice: be constant. My favorite palce always was Thailand. About being photograpehr I'm fan of woman beauty and charm. For 14. point my answer sound: I really hate the hate. Thankx and sorry for my poorly english.