NickName: sumners
Member since: 2/5/2008
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I love photography. It is a welcome addiction that will never be satisfied no matter how much or how frequently I produce. My interests are hugely diverse, with a lean towards the dark and odd. I am self-taught and have been enjoying the capture of pretty pictures for more then 20 years, obviously starting with film and the lonely dark hours of exposing myself under a single red light. I've received no awards and have nothing hanging in galleries around the world - I take pictures for my own pleasure and to grow my image bank for either selling stock or to produce different products. Supplying stock photography has been in my blood since the early 90's and to date I have sold well over 250,000 individual licences.

I also take pride in shooting product, working with models, and especially collaborating with any musical project, since my main love is band photography.

Basically, I love taking pictures and hearing the glorious snap of the shutter release.