NickName: mangia
Member since: 8/30/2006
Number of Images: 247
I started to photograph around year 2000, with old Rollei idiot camera. First contact with negative and cameras was a great moment for me. I like nature and wilderness and in this digital era it is much easier to record it. I am also interested in studio photography, commercials, abstract and concept photography. I have many more ideas so if you come back again later, you will be able to see my latest work. I make pictures for my own pleasure but if you have any ideas, feel free to ask me. If you need pictures from Balkan (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro) please contact me.
This is my big passion and I like it. Therefore, I will continue to wander outdoors and try to bring the beauty of them to you. I hope you will enjoy that.

Thank you for visiting my gallery and reading my resume.