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I have been a photographer since the early 1970's and still get a buzz out of the shot, I now photograph mainly landscapes and editorial, although I still do the occasional wedding or portrait session. I have now moved almost exclusively to digital, but the feeling is still the same as it was in those lonely days in a dark room watching an image appear. I use Nikon as my main cameras F5, F80, D70s and D2x.
I travel all over the world for both clients and pleasure, my favorite locations would be Kenya its fantastic light and its people, second would be home here in Scotland.

Inspiration for me comes from many sources, for stock photography, camera technique and business sense you can not go far wrong than look at Lauren Rinder and his work. He is also one of the people who with a vast knowledge of the whole photographers life still has time to help others, as long as you are willing to listen and learn.
The best thing for me about being a photographer is you are your own best critic, you know what you were trying to capture, if it works its down to you if not it still down to you. Worst thing about being a photographer is the people who can always have done it better, without knowing what you were trying to do. For these reasons I never critique other photographers work unless asked and I never put my own images up for critique, if the image has an effect on you fine I am happy. If the image in one you don't like thats fine, but it may be you don't see what is there.

The best advice I can give anyone starting out in photography is to learn your camera inside out, try every setting with the advances in digital you can see the results very quickly, record what the settings were and see what effect it had on the image. Read and digest the manual that came with the camera, but keep going back to it and keep it fresh in your mind. If you are not sure of a shot bracket the image, use the different white balance settings, its much easier to delete poor images than to try and recover one with Photoshop. Most of all enjoy it even the days when it all goes wrong, we all have them (some more than others).