NickName: Andrey
Member since: 10/19/2005
Number of Images: 3008
Name: Andrey Ustjuzhanin
Occupation: Designer
I was born in Sverdlovsk area, Russia
Since I finished the Architectural University in Sverdlovsk, I moved and now live and work in the city of Naberezhnye Chelni, Tatarstan
My basic focus is in advertising, the design of polygraphic production, advertising for TV, representation films, multimedia-presentations, and web-design.
Hobbies: tennis, and sailing. I have independently designed and constructed three yachts. My favorite pets - cats.
I am married, and have two children. My son is attending the same institute - (now it refers to the Ural Architecturally-Art Academy), specializes in the field of three-dimensional computer graphics. My daughter studies in Izhevsk, at the Udmurt State University in the specialty area of arts and crafts. My wife works as an economist at the " Kamaz " car factory.
Photography, being originally one of the tools in professional work, recently has turned into an independent kind of activity.
I present photos of diversified themes: a landscape, the sky, animals, subjects, travel. The larger section is devoted to the cities of Tatarstan and Russia in general. All photo galleries are accompanied by the brief explanatory text.