Traffic Signs Warning For Animals

Rural traffic signs warning of the presence of wild animals.

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Duck crossing sign
Cow Crossing
warning sheep sign
warning bison sign
Horse rider crossing sig..
Donkey crossing
warning cattle sign
warning cattle sign
Kangaroo warning sign
Attention, Cat!
cattle sign
Western Australia - Kang..
American dangerous wildl..
Bull and Open Range Road..
Horse road sign
Elk Next 11 Miles sign
Deer Next 25 Miles road ..
Cow Open Range sign
Australian wildlife koal..
attention elk
traffic sign deer pass
traffic sign deer pass
Kangaroo road sign
Deer Warning
attention elk
Beware of kangaroo
deer crossing sign
Elephant Sign
ducks crossing warning s..
Dogs must be on leash...
Alligator bay
Countryside hazard signs
Animal warning signs
alligator hazard sign
Defiant Kitty
Beware says Kitty
Turkey Crossing
Pets Allowed