Confused People

Huh? What'd you say? A collection of people looking for answers.

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Crazy Woman
Confused Student
Male Portrait
Thinking Man
Confused businessman
confused young employee
confused businessman loo..
portrait of confused bus..
Doubtful young man
Confused Child
confused businessman loo..
portrait of young execut..
Confused Girl
close up view of confuse..
Young Black Man Looking ..
young confused businessm..
confused male holding pu..
Virus alert
Serious Contemplation
Confused Woman Holding E..
Confused Accountant
confused male
Businesswoman Solving a ..
Old Guy in Glasses Looki..
Older Man Shrugging
Workforce Confusion
Confusion On Black
Confused Worker
Cellphone Confusion
Confused Man
Confused Man
Old Man Perplexed
Man Looking at White Box
Too many choices
blindfold woman
Old Man Confused
Confused Worker
Phone Call Confusion
thinking woman
Businessman head scratch
Computer confusion.
Confused Pair
What do I do?
Stressed business woman
Too many Choices!
Perplexed Businessman
Confused about medicines
Post-it Note Salesman
Quizzical school student..
Funny Face boy scratchin..
basketball kid
confused kid
trying to remember
Business dilemma