Royalty Free Image License, Business Extension

'Royalty Free Image License, Business Extension' grants you non-exclusive rights to reproduce the Image for personal and commercial use including, but not limited to:
  • To produce goods for sale such as apparel, caps, mugs, gift boxes, mouse pads, post cards, posters, calendars, or any similar mass produced items.
  • To produce goods for promotional use.

License Pricing
You will be asked a number of commercially related questions. The answers will be used  to calculate the final Image License Price.
  • Number of Items - number of goods you are going to manufacture using the image.
  • Item Price - the price for which you are going to sell each item.
  • Business size - approximate business annual revenue for the business that will be using the image.

Grant Of License
  • Licensee may alter, crop, manipulate and create derivative works of the Image.
  • The Copyright, remains the exclusive property of the Author/Photographer.
  • The Licensee may use the Image for his/her own projects for 1 (one) year.
  • Geographic distribution of the image is worldwide.
License Restrictions
  • Please see our 'Editorial and Commercial Publications' for Art Prints.
  • No rights to re-sell or sub-license, purchased or copied from this website in whole or in part is granted or implied.
  • Image or any part of it shall not be incorporated into a logo, trademark or service mark.
  • If identifiable people are on the image you can not use the Image to express religious, ethnic, or political opinions.
  • You can not use the Image in a pornographic, defamatory, fraudulent, lewd, obscene or otherwise illegal manner whether directly or in context or by juxtaposition with other materials.
  • Image may not be used in any illegal manner, or contrary to the laws of any nation that it will be published in.
  • Neither nor its directors, employees, licensors, content providers, affiliates or other representatives will be liable for damages of any kind (including, without limitation, lost profits, direct, indirect, compensatory, consequential, exemplary, special, incidental, or punitive damages) arising out of the licensing of Images, your use of, your inability to use, or the performance of this website or the Content whether or not we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  • The information supplied by on the website in regards to model and property releases is intended solely for information only. You are advised to seek legal advice before relying on any information contained in this help and advice section.
  • All parties acknowledge that cannot possibly trace or enforce any reliable checking methods to prevent unauthorized use of any images downloaded.
  • It is the responsibility of the person downloading the photo, to determine if the use of the photo is legal. In some uses, such as where a known building or logo or a piece of sculpture or a trademarked image is shown, you may want to determine whether your use falls under the U.S. Copyright Law's definition of "Fair Use" or would be considered a trademark infringement.
Refund Policy
Under normal conditions license payments are not refunded.
The reason for this policy is because we offer instant and full access to the digital images you purchased.
There is no way for our products to be returned.
FeaturePics will consider exceptions to this rule if purchased digital image(s) are corrupted.
FeaturePics reserves the right to attempt to redownload the images to the buyer's satisfaction.