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August 15, 2008

V–J day in Times Square -- Alfred Eisenstaedt's most famous photograph

After more than 62 years, it would appear that Glenn McDuffie, an 80-year old Navy veteran, has been firmly identified as the kissing Sailor photographed on Aug. 14, 1945, kissing a nurse on Times Square. The famous photo was published in Life magazine, and then all over the world, and the controversy over who the Sailor was has continued to this day.

Finally Lois Gibson of the Houston Police Department, a respected forensic artist, claims to have solved the mystery, after an investigation of the famous photo. She confirms that in her opinion, it was Mr. McDuffie doing the kissing. Mr. McDuffie, who is fighting lung cancer, said "I couldn't be happier - this means everything to me, I thought I would die before I ever got anything done about it. That was my biggest fear."

She (Lois Gibson) compared the pictures using digital imaging techniques and precise measurements of the bone structure, including Mr McDuffie's forehead, ears, wrists, knuckles and arms. "I am positive it's Glenn. What I do is usually a matter of life or death, so I don't mess around when I identify someone," she told the Houston Chronicle.

So, the mystery seems to have been sort of solved for now, we'll see.

Source: A kiss is just a kiss . . . but this famous one was mine

Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, taken on V-J Day, 1945 (from Life Magazine).

Fair use here, as this is Alfred Eisenstaedt's most famous image

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