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This week's story by Urij Shmakov is one of very many from the Far East Travel Club on http://www.taimentour.ru/.

"...When you first see the beauty of nature in the Far East, the ecologically-pure places not spoiled by human process, wild animals in their habitat, a roaring high country river, there are feelings you get that you have never experienced before. You will want to come here again and again. These feelings have united all of us...."

the Far East Travel Club on http://www.taimentour.ru/.

We have started photo pictorial narrations to learn about the world and share these stories with you.

So we decided to go to Shantari... - our friends were wondering, "are you serious"?
When they learned we were going to Shantari on a trimaran across the sea of Okhotsk, our friends were speechless and pointed their fingers at their temples which meant, apparently, only nuts would depart on three rubber cylinders onto the stormy sea.
Yep, we were really nuts to travel there where nobody else would go, but when Igor Olhovsky suddenly called and asked "Do you want to go with us to Shantari"? - I didn't hesitate a second. "Yes, I replied"!

Read the whole story on http://www.taimentour.ru/
Shantari again...
Shantari is an archipelago consisting of 15 islands in the sea of Okhotsk. The Khabarovsk scientist Gennady Rosljakov wrote in his 1998 book about the islands: "If you look at the islands from the aspect of a bird's flight, the impression you get, is as if a giant dropped a heap of stones and rocks in the water. This is how these surprising, mysterious "islands on the horizon" appear on the sea of Okhotsk map. The biggest island is Big Shantar. It's area is 1790 sq. kilometers. Second-largest is Island Feklistov (393 sq. km). Other islands are smaller in size from 2 to 20 sq. km.

Read the whole story on http://www.taimentour.ru/
Experts consider, that the archipelago Shantarsky is of a continental origin and was separated from the continent only 9-10 thousand years ago. The same experts state that the islands slowly rise...
Shantari is full of living creatures. In the sea, whales, sharks, and seals. In the rivers - fish. In stony areas it is possible to catch crabs and pick up welded cockleshells - trumpeters. Well, crabs are clearly good eating, but from the welded trumpeters "leg" you can pick out with a knife "some" leg. It is tasty, certainly, but to get full, you should crack a kettle of cockleshells...

Read the whole story on http://www.taimentour.ru/

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