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Photo/Image license fee estimator

calculator License Fees are estimated based on specific uses including: size, placement, circulation, and length of display time. License Fees for FeaturePics.com images depend on uniqueness of the image and adjustments made by Authors.

Rights-Managed License: Editorial/Book Publications
'Editorial' refers to newsworthy, personal and educational publications that do not generate income or publications not used to promote the generation of income.
Examples of 'Editorial': newsworthy publications, academic curricula, research papers, personal/educational publications etc.
Trade books (books that are marketed to a general audience )
Example: fiction titles.
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Rights-Managed License: Advertisement/Promotion
'Commercial Publications' use refers to any publications to promote or sell a product, service, company, idea, etc.
Some examples of 'Advertisement/Promotion' Use: Magazines, newspapers, commercial TV, print advertisements, advertising and promotional campaigns, trade show displays, billboards and exhibits, advertisement within editorials, etc.
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Rights-Managed License: Commercial Goods
'Commercial Goods' Use refers to any use of Images in commercial products promotion.
Some examples of 'Commercial Goods' Use: Packaging, apparels, mugs, mouse pads, post cards, e-cards, posters, calendars, visual art prints, music albums, CDs, cassettes and videotapes, etc.
$5 million of revenue maximum.
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