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December 3, 2007

Ask.com is a very well thought of, and well used search engine.

When people look at the broad line of web sites which offer their users search options, people are looking for the best results, not popularity. Ask.com is used to find information, which is current and accurate at the same time.

Make no mistake - Google has become a business standard and is used by default. But if one needs a specific answer, ask.com is the answer.

While always looking to improve FeaturePics.com, we are always on the lookout for the queries and responses which people look for in order to visit our web site.

Sometimes the Authors are very serious and other times very much not. Whatever it is people are looking for, some results are erroneous - and quite often plainly funny. In the beginning of 2007 we will continue our serious talk about names, descriptions, and key words. Today - just have fun and be ready to open a bottle of Champagne with the wish to have "good luck" in 2007!

Female looking for a job

Ask.com: "How+should+I+dress+when+looking+for+a+job?"

Head's answer

Bingo! We are buying this image! I think it is a good answer. You should be dressed exactly like this if you are looking for a job in Santa Cruz, California.
HURRICANE Katrina damage

Ask.com: "Picture+of+someone+knocking+at+a+door"

Pattie's answer

Somebody knocked or rang the bell a little too hard.......
Seagull standing on a parking spot

Ask.com: "Can+you+stand+in+the+middle+of+a+parking+spot?"

SStevenson's answer

Bingo! "I'm Saving This Spot" - it is the name for this image
Yes, you can stand in the middle of the parking spot. The exception is your driver's license test.....
cat before meal

Ask.com: "cat+before+meal"

Frostie's answer:

Ooooo(: Frostie, we are buying this image. We love kitties!
Two men fishing in a small boat

Ask.com: "What+do+men+have+to+do+with+lakes+and+ponds"

Rick's answer:

Greg's comments: Well, a few cold beers, some good bait, and you have the perfect afternoon. Only job I ever knew where you could sleep while you worked, and nobody cared......
Very practical questions and very practical answers...
Screw and screwdrivers

Ask.com: "how+does+the+screw+and+screwdriver+work?"

Ajn's answer:

A man should have a screwdriver. A woman should show him where a picture should be hung.....

Hmmmm. You can check more instructions how to take care of your screwdrivers, or how to repair your bike using a screwdriver by opening the Screwdrivers page.

Typical beach scene

Ask.com: "how+many+mb+in+a+typical+picture?"

Photomac's answer:
../online/BeachPictures54772.aspx 5.35 MB

I think we should make it a standard. What do you think?
Bottle of Red Wine

Ask.com: "Most+Expensive+Bottle+of+Red+Wine"

winterling's answer:

......Looks like a good red Merlot to me.....hic...
Sometimes ask.com asks very scientific questions. We should be ready for these questions. Please check these out, and think of how you can improve your image descriptions"
Plane Landing

Ask.com: "speed+of+plane+when+they+land"

Lostbear's answer:

Lostbear, it is an excellent answer. Do you you think we should be more precise and say something like "the speed of the plane is 120 knots"?
Fashion is one of my favorite subjects. FeaturePics.com and we get many questions about it.
Shirt And Tie

Ask.com: "what+color+shirt+goes+with+a+pink+striped+tie?"

Kml's answer:

think Kml has good taste?
FeaturePics Authors provide absolutely correct answers 90% of the time. Check the examples
Large White Butterfly Eggs

Ask.com: what+color+are+butterfly+eggs

Kris' answer:

Kris is correct!!! Yellow ones! Make sure they don't find these in your back yard, or you will become a Habitat!!
Ring Tailed Lemur

Ask.com: do+lemurs+eat+berries

Fotosmurf's answer:

Please check!!! They are eating berries, and enjoying them!!!

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