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September 8, 2009

Thumbs up and down images, and their different meanings.

Ancient references to the thumbs up or down in the Colosseum, and what is encountered on the Internet, have different meanings.

In Internet thumbs up - acceptance, approval, satisfaction, or encouragement, "Okay"/ "All is well" , and thumbs down - the opposite.

When using these types of images in context - remember about other meanings for this gesture.

Hitchhike - in some countries, most of the drivers probably had no clue why that American-looking traveler was sitting on his backpack with his thumb extended. For example, in Russia, we will stay close to the rode with an extended right palm. But, in any case - consider it!

In some places it can means "One" or "You are only one".

In some place it can mean "sexual insult".

Check this out: "Iraqis are giving passing Americans the "thumbs up" sign, which the troops interpret as a symbol of support. But many veteran travelers insist that the gesture is a crass Middle Eastern insult.."


"In the United States and most of Europe, it means "OK" and is inoffensive. The OK sign is used extensively in scuba diving. It can also mean "0," or "money," in Japan. However, in Germany, it is often seen on the Autobahn, as a silent way of calling someone an "Asshole" (with the fingers extended horizontally). Similar vulgar meanings are found in other countries, but usually you have to turn the 'Ring' upside down (supinated to show the ring in front) like this example from Brazil."


Hand-gesture - Everythings is okay!

-- "Everythings is okay" images
Gesture "ok"Blonde OkayokHand Sign for OK

Hand-gesture - Thumb Up!

-- Thumb Up! images
Successful mature businessman with thumbs upthumbs upChild - Two thumbs up Businessman

Hand-gesture - Thumb down

-- Thumb Down(: images
Thumbs Down thumbs downThumbs Down Thumbs down

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